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Mark V.

I decided to take training from a professional trader. I started with Intensive coaching program and gained a decent amount of knowledge, including risk control methods and working patterns which give me the opportunity to make money. After that, I started to make progress. In this sense, studying at tradeforprofit made me take a look at trading in a new light.

Your system is absolutely amazing, and you are a wonderful mentor! Although after 8 weeks of training I haven’t suddenly become a professional trader, the fact that I do not lose money anymore and can now finally understand what’s going on in the market is incredible!

I am absolutely delighted with the training received in the Tradeforprofit course. The difference in my trading results since using the Tradefoprofit Strategy have been remarkable; an immediate change, realistic and ultimately positive. I could never have learned this on my own and it’s not anything like I’ve seen in other training offers.

I have been to many trading courses in the past and I find Tradeforprofit’s way of explaining forex trading to be super clear and useful. Everything is very comprehensive and well presented! Very easy to follow trading strategy. Best training at the best price and great training resource for anyone!

Excellent program! Rather than losing lots of money and sleep while learning from books and mistakes, like me … you could just attend ‘Intensive Trading Course’ and save yourself a lot of money, time and heartache. I feel very privileged to be associated with Tradeforprofit Education. Many thanks!